My name is Tyne Daile Sumner. I am a researcher, teacher, and consultant. My primary research examines the intersections between twentieth-century American literature and surveillance. My other research interests include: Modernism, privacy, confession, lyric studies, and the Cold War. I also teach and research in the Digital Humanities, where my interests include big data, ethics, and computational text analysis.

I currently work in two other roles:

  • Digital Humanities consultant for the HASS Data Enhanced Virtual Lab project, the aim of which is to bring together data, digital research tools, and services to enhance the skills and output of the HASS research community.
  • Research Community Coordinator for Research Platform Services at the University of Melbourne. In this role I support the open-source web-publishing platform Omeka as well as run trainings, events, and workshops in the Digital Humanities space.

On Twitter I’m @tynedaile

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